MAY SCHEDULE - We will be sailing a Two Vessel Schedule for the most part through May 25th, 2022.  On Thursday May 5th a 3 Vessel schedule is published for the afternoon from the 1:30pm sailing on.  Mother's Day weekend, Fri, Sat, Sun appear to be full Three Vessel Schedules, and Monday May 9th starts as 3 Vessels in the Morning until 3pm.  Click HERE for more info.

FUEL SURCHARGE - Effective March 29th 2022, the Ferry has added a fuel surcharge of 5% (rounded to the nearest whole dollar) to all ticket prices.  The Monthly Walk-On Pass has increased to $260.

The Bridgeport and Port Jefferson Ferry Frequent Floaters Association is a loosely-organized group of maritime commuters dedicated to assisting each other 'navigate' the ferry commute and occasionally celebrate the joys of daily commuting between Port Jefferson, New York and Bridgeport, Connecticut..




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